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T-1, DS-1 and DS-3

This type of ultra high speed Internet access is not for the home user. With monthly charges in the $250-$750 range it simply isn't affordable for residential use.

So what exactly is T-1?

First off, you should know that the term T1 is being replaced by DS-1 (Digital Signal Level 1). A typical residential phone is a DS-0 (Digital Signal Level 0) line through which you can get a maximum of 64 KBPS of data or voice transmission. DS-1 service is simply 24 DS-0 circuits all bundled together with the potential of transmitting up to 1536 KBPS (1.54 MBps) of data and/or voice. A typical DSL line offers only a max throughput of 728 KBPS. Compared to DSL, DS-1 lines are much more reliable and are also a higher quality Internet connection. And unlike DSL, a DS-1 line is available almost anywhere. For businesses with heavy bandwidth demand there is also DS-3 service which can deliver up to 45MBps.

What you should know

Shopping for T-1 for the first time can be a real head ache! If you're searching for information about it on the Internet you'll likely find that most sites are way too technical in their explanations. What you really want to know is; "What do I need to get T-1 service and how much does it cost?"

Unfortunately there is no 'one-size-fits-all' answer. There are simply too many variables involved. You also need to consider your service provider carefully because all of them will insist on at least a 1 year contract and will typically offer a better price for a longer term contract.

One important thing you should know is that the location of your business can make a significant difference in service prices. So in order to get a firm quote you'll need to supply an actual physical address where the service will be installed. Without out it the best you can hope for is a rough estimate.

That doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have a signed lease in hand. If you're putting together a business plan and are looking at more than one possible location for that business, you can usually get a quote for each using the known addresses.

Getting the best price for T-1

Competition is stiff in most areas but prices can still vary quite a bit. In order for you to find the cheapest price for T-1, DS-1 or DS-3, you'll need to get a quote from every service provider in your area. You can get completely unbiased quotes within seconds at Shop For T-1. There is never a charge and they will absolutely find you the best price in your area. Plus you'll be offered the option to speak to a T-1 expert that will never pressure you in any way. They are there to answer your questions and help you get the service you need.