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Broadband VS Dial-up

Which is right for you?

With the choices of DSL, cable modem or satellite Internet access, a broadband high speed internet connection is available just about anywhere you might choose to live. But do YOU really need a broadband connection? Here's a short discussion of the pro's and con's that should help you decide.


Probably the biggest advantage for dialup Internet service is its low cost. You can get high quality unlimited Internet access for well under $10 a month. Most areas have several if not dozens of providers to choose from and the resulting competition for subscribers usually results in each ISP striving to provide the best price and service possible.

As far a speed is concerned, current web accelerator technology can make most everything you do on the Internet nearly as fast as broadband. So if you're a casual Internet user that spends about an hour or less a day online, a dialup connection is probably your wisest choice.

DSL, Cable and Satellite

These days more and more people are utilizing the Web as a major source of entertainment. If you like to download lots of MP3 files, play multi-player video games or are becoming addicted to 'YouTube', then a broadband connection is definitely in your future. But it's gonna cost ya!

Sure you can get cheap new customer 'teaser rates' from various high speed providers but they only last for so long. However, if you find yourself spending several hours a day being mesmerized while surfing the World Wide Web, broadband might just be one of the best entertainment values out there.

Another thing becoming more common everyday are households with two or more computers competing for Internet time. If this describes your home then a broadband connection coupled with a home network can do wonders with promoting family harmony! Not to mention that it's much more cost effective than a separate phone line and dialup account for each computer.

Affordable Broadband

Do you really need a faster internet connection but the extra costs just aren't in the family budget? Well here's one possible solution. Reduce the cost of your monthly phone bill and use the savings to help pay the broadband bill. Visit our VoIP Phone page and see how much you can save on your landline phone bill.